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E yung may skip beat sa local channel namin.

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Hey there son! (photo not mine)

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baby kyu waving to everyone before he left kona beans

Ohhh bb, so sweet.

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sehun not letting go of onew

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140210 luhan and xiumin playing a kakaotalk game on their phones

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Sehun did not know how to push the cart at the airport; the cart did not move. When Tao saw this, he told Sehun: “Leave it to me” and came to push it.

Credit: yurio1549
Trans: Haeyeon

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~。✧♡ Sungmin 。✧♡ [cr: ISungmin.cc]

131229 SM Week Treasure Island

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verbal abuse demonstrations by oh sehun

Wahahaha! Good job!

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Love your ootd, son

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Teheheh cute #kris #tao

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